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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a small Maine Coon cattery that is family-owned and operated. We provide high-quality, purebred felines that excel as show cats and family pets. Our kittens carry the distinct and strong, beautiful features of the classical Maine Coon. More importantly, they have the intelligent, clever temperament to match.


Our Story

We are a family of 7 that moved to Texas in 2020. Shortly after getting settled in, we pursued our love and passion for cats by starting Sugar Land Angels Maine Coon Cattery. Our five children love having the opportunity to help raise and socialize our kittens on a daily basis. We adore bonding over the laughs and daily cat funnies we get to experience through this cattery.

Our hope is to be able to share this phenomenal breed with other families throughout the US—and maybe one day the world!

Meet the Family

Our big family is big love.

Meet the family!
Raised with children and socialized daily to be sweet and kind.
Most kittens love to be held and carried.
Fluffy and funny kittens ready to create new memories with your family.
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