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Available Kittens

Our kittens are shown lots of love and affection by our family. They are socialized through daily interaction with children of all ages—and responsible, knowledgeable adults—as we get them ready to go to their furever home at 12 weeks old. Our kittens have a patient temperament and are great with families!

Kittens are sent home with a microchip and all their appropriate vaccinations. After their new parents have sent proof of spay/neuter, they will receive the kitten’s registration in the mail.

We have delivery options available for those in other states. Feel free to contact us for further information!

Brownie (Girl)

Born: November 13, 2023

Parents: Skye X Theodore


Tortie Twins
Choco and Cocoa

Born: July 27, 2023

Looking for a furever home that would be willing to keep these twins together as they are a bonded pair. Both female.

IMG_1062 (1).PNG
IMG_1062 (1).PNG

Patches and Penelope

Born: February 08, 2024

Patches and Penelope are very princess-like. They can be shy at first but love snuggles once they are comfortable with you.  They both enjoy playing and laying around looking cute. They would thrive best in a furever home with cat trees near sunny windows.

Captain (Boy)

Born: February 8, 2024

He is a very fun boy with a playful personality.  He is very mellow and enjoys many cat naps.

image0 (4)_edited.jpg
IMG_1062 (1).PNG


Born: April 6, 2024

She is super high energy and absolutely loves playing with this fluffy crochet blanket I made.  We were playing peak a boo during this photo session! I will have to send her off with a blanket to her new furever home as well. 

Mischief (Girl)

Born: February 8, 2024

She is more on the shy side although, she does love to snuggle once she warms up to you.  Mischief enjoys exploring and finding things to get into and cause a lot of mischief.  She is super soft and very sweet.  She would thrive in a furever home with a quiet atmosphere and a lot of personal attention.

image0 (5).png
IMG_1062 (1).PNG
image0 (3).png

Cosmos (Boy)

Born: April 6, 2024

Cosmos is a super sweetheart who gets bullied by all of his sisters.  He is mellow and just wants to relax and snuggle.  He enjoys chasing and his favorites include fishing toys and jumping around cardboard boxes.


Born: April 6, 2024

Luna has the best personality. She is super fluffy and loves to get belly rubs. She enjoys climbing the cat tree and jumping down into the hammock below.  She is adventurous and very sweet.

IMG_1062 (1).PNG
image1 (1).png

Tiger Lily

Born: April 6, 2024

If you enjoy crazy redhead energy cats, Tiger Lily is YOUR GIRL. She is wild and free and very high spirited. She does not like pictures so I will be posting videos of her on our instagram because it will be easier. She is spunky and enjoys playing with her siblings and following me and chasing the kids around the house for fun. 

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